Empire Run Up Life Lessons

It was an honor and extreme privilege to be invited to the invitational heat of the Empire Run Up for the 4th year in a row. The best climbers from around the world were there. After a not so stellar performance Tuesday night, along with kicking myself in the ass for not realizing where the finish line was, I initially experienced a wide rage of emotions.  But with that comes perspective on what really matters. 

With race #32 in the books I have had so many life lessons in the stairwell. One of the most important has been that at the end of the day this is about so much more than how fast I made it to the top.  It’s about our resiliency in life. It’s showing up even when roads have taken us off course. It’s about being a warrior for not just ourselves but for others. 

I’m beyond grateful to have a strong & fit body that took me up 86 floors and 1,556 steps. It doesn’t come easy. I put in the work, no matter what obstacles come in my way, physical and mental.  And recently, I’ve had to make  major adjustments in my training.  We all have individual challenges that come our way when we least expect it.  That is all part of our journey of life. 

As I reflect on my race Tuesday night I know I did my best.  It may be different than last year but I gave it everything I had.  And that’s what life is about.  Putting in the work to achieve whatever goals you have.  And knowing that even if you have some speed bumps or detours that may take you off course, as long as you know you gave it everything you had, then you are a winner. 

“You are stronger than you believe. You have greater powers than you know.”-Antiope (Wonder Woman)

Where it all began in 1978. The most iconic race in the world.
Pre race photo op!

Me and Christine Soskins from California. One of the fiercest competitors out there. And one of the best Step Sibs I know.
Team Charlotte, Suzanne Bergen, myself, Meg Santanna & Stephanie Hucko. All a part of the Invitational Heat!
My own personal sponsor.