Essential Oils…..I’m in Love!

It’s not that I never believed in essential oils, but I basically had a very casual relationship with them.  It all started with Lavender.  On my temples to relax, diluted with water and sprayed on my pillows at night.  We then got a little more intimate as I started adding drops to my epsom salt bath to relive sore muscles and completely relax the body & mind.  It was good.  Simple.  No strings attached.

A few years later while getting a massage Eucalyptus was introduced to me.  The massage therapist suggested I put some drops in the shower and create a steam to open up the airways.  I figured well, why not give it a try, I could have more than one oil in my life.

Then came a tough loss of saying goodbye to my sweet dog, Louie.  While I got many beautiful condolence cards, flowers and sentiments, a friend from California sent me something very special….Serenity.  A blend of oils to help you really relax.   A combo of lavender, marjoram, chamomile, ylang yang, with the warming aromas of Hawaiian sandalwood and vanilla bean. Now this relationship took me to a whole new place.  I was in love.  The aromas are incredible added to my diffuser.

She also sent me something else, digestZen, as she knew I had some digestive issues.  It’s a combo of Ginger, Peppermint, Tarragon, Fennel, Caraway, Coriander and Anise.   Is it possible, could I have another love in my life?  Yes!  A a little rubbed on my stomach is like magic.

What I think I love most, is the holistic alternatives that these oils provide.  Living a healthy life encompasses so many different avenues for me, nutrition, exercise, balance, mental well being, spirituality…..and the oils fit so perfectly.

A few weeks ago the amazing Kristin,, shared on her blog a promotion I couldn’t pass up on with doTERRA.  I already knew that two of my loves, Serenity and digestZen, were doTERRA oils.  Well, I jumped onboard!  While I’m still a novice at this, my repertoire is growing as are welcoming some new loves into my life, like Breathe and Peppermint.  I’m doing everything I can to learn the millions of ways they can be incorporated into my life.  And, my husband is even excited about them!

If you use oils or are interested in trying them out check out the latest promotion going on until June 15th!  This is the kit I got, Home Essentials…10 incredible oils, the petal diffuser and a bonus of their Breathe products!  The great thing about this is you will get 25% off all oils and wellness products from doTerra for the next year.  Pretty darn cool!!

Email me if you want to sign up for this great deal & I will set you up.  Or, if you just want to know more.  About doTERRA, the Home Essentials Kit, or how I incorporate oils into my life.  Or what I eat for breakfast!  😉

Oh, and don’t get me started about a classic, Frankincense!  How many oils can a girl love??

“How do I love thee?  Let me count the ways”.  Elizabeth Barrett Browing



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