Holiday Survival Guide!


From Thanksgiving till the New Year we are inundated with food and alcohol!   That said, I believe you can enjoy yourself without having a side of guilt!  So often people look at the holidays as a time to indulge.  Mashed potatoes, stuffing, sweet potatoes smothered in butter are just a few of the most common accompaniments.  In the South I’ve learned that mac & cheese is also enjoyed, along with pie, pie and more pie.  And, for those who enjoy libations, there’s plenty of that.  With all the parties, family get togethers, office food, you name it, well, it’s hard to avoid.

Come January, that side of guilt becomes a platter.  Regular gym goers hate going to the gym with all the “newbies” or those who pay their membership and now start showing up!  The “diet’s” begin and of course the #1 New Years resolution is to lose weight!

Well, I subscribe to none of it and I’m going to tell you why.  First of all, I am a foodie!  My motto is Simple, Healthy & Delicious.  Living A Full Life for me is all about balance.  For all of us, we have better balance in certain areas of our lives.  While I’ve gone through my own battles, after 49 years I think I’ve wrapped my arms around this one.  So here are just a few of my tips, that might work for you!

  • Think before you eat.
  • Make good choices.
  • Always bring something healthy to a part.  Always.
  • Don’t starve yourself all day so you can eat later.
  • Do you really like mashed potatoes?
  • Do you really like pecan pie?  I don’t!
  • Are you “drinking” to fit in?  Because everyone else is?
  • Just say no!  It’s ok!
  • Start reading healthy food blogs! A few of my favs!  
  • Enjoy real food!
  • Get in 30 minutes of exercise daily.                                                                                 
  • Breathe.
  • Sleep.
  • Be grateful for all the abundance in your life.
  • Don’t forget, this isn’t your last meal.  🙂

Would love to hear some of your suggestions for healthy ways to enjoy the holidays!  Stay tuned, tomorrow I will share some of my favorite recipes that are perfect for this time of year!



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